Artist/Songwriter, Amin Laboriel, released his first single in English and Spanish, “Chocolate Banana Pop It” and “Ella Quiere Choco Banano” featuring JC to the world via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. More than 60,000 people already saw the official music video on YouTube, recently released on VEVO and scheduled to be released on MTV, AXS TV, BET JAMS, and VH1 in the upcoming days. Amin has certainly found a beat, rhythm and idea worthy of finding its way to the DJ decks in clubs across the world. With a performance that’s smooth, energetic and completely confident and music that pulses with all the right moves – any DJ that might get a hold of this “Chocolate Banana” would barely have to rub it on their turntable for the song to “Pop It” in the club and get the people jumping, noted JR from Sleeping Bag Studios.

Amin is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of Urban/tropical/ Pop/House Music/Hip-hop and Reggeaton. His single “Chocolate Banana Pop It” was recorded at Lounge Studios NYC by Joe Angol and mixed and mastered by Mikaelin “BLUE” Bluespruce, who has recorded and mixed music for the industry’s biggest names including Akon, Chrisette Michelle, Kelly Rowland, Marsha Abrosius, and Prince Royce. The rhythm in the verse & chorus certainly work well; they’re big, building pieces of low-end sound that combine in energetic & explosive beats, remarked JR. The song will be featured on Amin’s upcoming album “Climax,” which will contain fifteen original tracks! Amin’s sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release that makes the floor shake!

“Chocolate Banana Pop It” & “Ella Quiere Choco Banano” introduces, sixteen year old, artist songwriter/rapper Julio Mejia, also known as “JC” to the world, a Rise To The Top Productions’ prodigy. About one-minute-forty seconds in the song, guest-star JC makes his first appearance…and it’s flat-out awesome. A short burst of precision-perfect rap, the percussion picks up the energy to match perfectly in a really effective and catchy highlight within this exotic & erotic beat. “It was really fascinating working on this song with JC and the rest of the team,” said Amin, flashing a smile as bright and wide as the ocean. He then continue saying, “the atmosphere inside the recording studio was magical. I want that same vibrant atmosphere to continue moving across peoples homes, clubs and radios, all around the world—pure joy.”

Amin comes from a long line of extraordinary musicians who emigrated from his native Honduras to America following their music calling. His father was the director of music at one of the most prestigious universities in Honduras. His uncle is the legendary six string bass player and performer Abraham Laboriel. His cousin is the extraordinary drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. currently on tour with Paul McCartney. Given that kind of pedigree, is apparent that Amin Laboriel also seems to be destined for great things in music.

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