Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with KASIA as well as the official first look for her new video titled ‘End Of Our Tune’.

KASIA is an artist that has found her sound. And, at such a young age, is a hard thing to do, making her a hard act to follow. With the video for ‘Out Of Our Tune’, KASIA shows that timeless quality in the genre she has chosen but is also showing the jagged career path she is choosing.

And, in this interview, we talk with KASIA about the upcoming and unexpected twists and turns of that career path and what the current indie music scene is about and becoming and what her plans are.

‘End Of Our Tune’ is a modern take on a classic genre. Consider it a shot in the arm, or a glorious reminder of beautiful music with meaning. Visually done in the style of Federico Fellini and conceptually recorded channeling the likes of Stan Getz and João Gilberto with an homage to the work of Audrey Hepburn meld and collide into a noir tinged dive into what bossa nova and modern jazz were meant to be; avant garde and accessible.

As the song tells the story, you become engaged as if it were a movie with the song as the narration, forming that perfect symbiance and marriage of form combined with art.

About ‘End Of Our Tune’

KASIA wrote the song during a hot, humid summer day in her apartment without air conditioning. Channeling Brazilian music at the time (as well as the climate), she said “I may have been playing ‘Corcovado’ before I started playing around with the intro chords, and the song moved quickly and ended up needing very few revisions.” Of the video, she wants to “convey a timeless feeling of melancholy, and the music video is deliberately crafted like a shot from a Fellini film.”

While this song is inspired by bossa nova, KASIA says the song isn’t a bossa nova song, exactly. The song, along with KASIA’s music as a whole, is a combination of her love of bossa nova and Amy Winehouse’s soulful, jazzy blend of R&B. Late Nite Laundry’s Brenden Cabrera produced the song and his bandmate Ari Lindo played guitar on the track, with Cabrera’s giving the songs colorful flourishes in the production to modernize her blend of soul and bossa nova.


KASIA is an Polish-American singer-songwriter based in Chicago, IL. Her music reflects a deep appreciation of jazz, bossa nova, R&B, and an early love of melismatic pop divas. With these influences in tow, a KASIA show promises unforgettable melodies, an adventure in rhythm and dynamics and a vocal performance that ranges from cathartic vocal belting to soft serenading.

“Heart is a Fire” and “Great (or Happy)” are KASIA’s first two singles released in November 2022. Reflecting over expectations and disappointments from others, these songs journey through themes of self-acceptance and emotional independence. Produced with Duncan Lee (of Jaewon), these tracks are a nod to Catherine’s musical inspirations growing up such as Christina Aguilera, Minnie Riperton and Amy Winehouse.