Drawing inspiration from Dylan, Hendrix, The Eagles and The Kinks, the self-taught guitarist and published poet describes his sound as “Folk Blues with an indie rock undertone tied up with an emotive edge.”

Following on from 2013s ‘Lost in a Moment’, ‘Proceed with Caution’ will feature his first original song ‘Morning Sun’, a poignant acoustic track about his first-born son.

Andy Robbins welcomes contact from reviewers or radio hosts who are interested in featuring this album.

About Andy Robbins:
Born in 1985 Andy is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Oxfordshire. His love of music started at an early age exposed to his dads constant barrage of music in the evenings such as The Beatles, Kinks, Eagles, Pink Floyd and The Smiths to name a few.

A keen writer from aged 11, Andy took an interest in poetry and had poems published in competitions at school. At age 14, deadly jealous of the guitar his brother was given for his birthday, he claimed it as his own and hasn’t looked back since. With a determination that has never left him, he taught himself to play the guitar by endlessly reading books and pestering older friends to correct his mistakes and help him to polish his craft as well as Rigorously reciting Oasis’ Wonderwall and the classic Irish folk song Black Velvet Band until his fingers were raw.

Stumbling across an open mic night by accident one evening Andy returned the following week armed with his guitar and a backlog of covers. It was around this time that Andy wrote his first song: Morning Sun (A song about his first born son) Since then Andy has been a regular on the Oxford Music scene and has performed at over 500 open mics, gigs and festivals including Witstock and Hanneyfest. As well as performing as a solo artist Andy has played lead guitar in Strange Vintage, an Oxford born retro band, sung for Refugees of Culture and even formed his own acoustic band: Vanilla Street, where he played Rhythm guitar and sang. Taking his inspiration from artists such as Oasis, Ruarri Joseph, Jimmi Hendrix, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, Andy describes his sound as ‘Folk Blues with an indie rock undertone tied up with a emotive edge.’

Andy has played in all the major cities in England and even in the Netherlands but undoubtedly his biggest achievement in his music career is playing at Hop farm festival in 2010 the same day as Bob Dylan Headlined the festival.

“There was a performer who pulled out of the festival on the day, the “stage” was a massive trailer not the same stage that Bob played on but I took my chance and casually asked the sound guys if I could have a go, the sound engineers looked at each other and said “why not” I played for about 40 minutes and a small crowd gathered to watch, I could not believe my luck, to play on the same day as my hero at the same show is still a little bit too much for me to comprehend”

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