Anita Nicole from North West London is a young singer/songwriter and producer. Her musical inspirations are no one else than Tracy Chapman or Ed Sheeran. Her journey started when she was only 7 years old by mesmerizing the likes of Michael Jackson. On the other hand, whenever Busta Rhyme’s “Gimme Some More”, she preferred to hide and cry behind the sofa.

To follow her dream of becoming a professional musician, she enrolled in Sylvia Young theatre school on the weekends. Afterwards, she enrolled at The BRIT School where she recently graduated. She says about her upcoming song Unfamous: “It is about my generations obsession with fame and people longing to be famous just for fames sake.”

Written and produced was the song in 20 minutes during mental health awareness week a few weeks ago. Anita is aware of the impact of and around social media due to constant comparisons to look famous, while all she wants is people to know that it is okay to be “Unfamous”.

The music video for “Unfamous” was filmed on her own Android, using social media favourites GIF’s and memes.