Annelle Staal has just premiered her new video for the track titled ‘Tonight’. A delicately ambitious track musically, that build to the chorus is highlighted with a sense of confidence backed by experience from an artist that lived what she wrote.

Annelle gives a personal feeling of emotion and soul with her vocal styling that really hits the lyrics in the feels. She knows hot to bring her voice with heart. These are the best singers. The kind that feel the words. To say that she is merely a singer is a crime, though. Her songwriting and musicianship match her vocals in every way. She is an artist telling a story. Listen.

About Annelle Staal & ‘Tonight’

Annelle Staal is a Nashville based singer/songwriter who crafts soulful lush indie pop with elements of folk and rock. An old soul who wears her “heart on her sleeve,” Annelle grew up a military brat and carries the puzzle pieces of her childhood with her. Passionate about capturing the human experience in her writing, Annelle has a “wide wing span” of styles—ranging from atmospheric ballads, sunny acoustics, and big band blues.

In 2017, the young songwriter released her first studio project MARS a dark-pop EP capturing the turmoil of love and growth. Working, performing and writing in Nashville, TN, for several years following, Annelle’s passion for live entertainment grew.

When 2020’s tumultuous beginning shook the world, Annelle’s innovative spirit propelled her to reach her audience in a new way. Pioneering the world of Twitch.TV, the songwriter now hosts a live night show four days a week to a growing global audience.

Annelle’s second studio project was the eight track riveting album Heart on My Sleeve released in October 2020. The small album strips both her heart and sound bare, and serves as a commentary on self love, discovery and courage. “Mr. Christmas,” Annelle’s debut holiday single charmed the internet in 2020, with a goofy music video and relatable story.

The young artist’s debut full-length album is anticipated in 2023, and her 2021 and 2022 singles “Lemon Days,” ”Indoors,” and “New People” are a fuller version of her smooth, sultry sound and imagery-rich lyrical voice. Her upcoming brave and heartfelt single “Tonight” is about “falling fast for someone around a fire, which is something that happened to me a lot in high school, confides Anelle. She further explains, “I have many fond memories of allowing my mind to run wild with the possibilities of a new person and a new life. As a closeted queer living in the south, sometimes that was with another girl. As a young adult who is learning to celebrate my identity, my thoughts travel back to those moments.”

Featured on BuzzFeed, The Mesh and ABC news for her humor, music and creative spirit, Annelle is an artist to watch.