1. The Secret History Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  2. New Brunswick Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  3. Molotov Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  4. 406 Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  5. Interlude I Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  6. The Lexington Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  7. More Than I Care To Admit Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  8. Killed For You Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  9. Out Of Spite Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  10. Interlude II Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  11. Not Guilty Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  12. Ancestor Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  13. Reprise Anyone's Ghost 0:30
  14. Lux Lisbon Anyone's Ghost 0:30

Anyone’s Ghost is set to drop their new album titled ‘Necromancer’ tomorrow (July 20th). Darkly cinematic with a feeling of dark solemness throughout, Anyone’s Ghost is clearly a set of artists defining a concept. Dark, brooding, and original.

Constructed and executed almost like a dense atmosphere of music, you get a feeling of surrounding and engulfment as you listen. This is an album not meant for mere earbuds. It is a lock yourself in your room and play on a good stereo album. Take it in while you listen, as it has already taken you.

About Anyone’s Ghost

First appearing on the Manchester music scene in 2019, Anyone’s Ghost makes a large impact with a delicate sound, her solemn songs touching on themes of death, romance, mystery and murder. The solo project of local songwriter Wanda Roslyn, Anyone’s Ghost was born from the influence of dark folk and indie rock, encompassed in poetic lyricism and an affection for literature. Usually wielding an acoustic guitar and a multitude of effects pedals, Wanda is able to capture attention from the get-go with haunting vocals, melodic guitar work and a soundscape formed with intensity and emotion.

The upcoming debut album “Necromancer”, set for release on the 20th July 2023, is a poetic depiction of Wanda’s experiences over the past few years, expanding on the shoegazy sound of the “A Good Winter In June” EP, showing Wanda’s maturity and talent throughout the full album. The first single “The Secret History” is a perfect encapsulation of the intensity and dynamic of Anyone’s Ghost’ sound; delicate and intrinsic lyricism backed by a ferocious, intense soundscape that formulates a truly unique style; whereas the final single, “Molotov”, sits between the delicate acoustic ballads, and the chaotic ferocity of their more shoegaze and alternative tracks. Opening up with luscious, haunting guitar lines, Wanda’s vocals seep carefully over the soundscape, controlling the ebb and flow of the track.

The balance between these tracks is reflective of the full album itself – from dreary and chaotic atmospheres, haunting and horrifying soundscapes, to alternative rock-infused tracks, and acoustic ballads of love and fury. Produced by michael webster, the album puts across a huge range of emotions in a beautiful manner, and Wanda’s songwriting ability is on full display throughout the entire release.

The release of Anyone’s Ghost’s debut EP back in 2021 gained over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone and was covered in magazines, featuring on many best of 2021 lists, and creating a connection with fans worldwide. With T-shirts and tapes sold in locations ranging from the local Manchester area to overseas in the US & Australia. The explosion generated by Wanda’s music has established Bread Records as a label to watch for exciting and unique artists.