Apology Kink exudes sultry, cheeky charm. The LA-based project turns out captivating dark synthpop where goth allure flirts with anthemic dance floor-ready production, as pop charm looks on in seductive approval.

Dripping with vintage synth production and adorned with modern hooks, Apology Kink is the brainchild of musician Augustus Watkins, building on his pedigree as a singer-songwriter (Bijou Noir), producer (Tulip Tiger), and darkscene emissary (DEATHDANCE) while folding in shadowy theatricality and iconoclastic queerness.

In February 2024, Apology Kink debuted with a rendition of “West End Girls,” which Sounds and Shadows called a “glitchy synth sass take on the iconic Pet Shop Boys hit.” For his two first original songs, “Cult of Your Touch” and “Let Me Be Your Heartthrob,” Watkins has teamed up with frequent collaborator Garrett Neal (Usonia, Holidae, Netflix, HBO).

SOURCE: Official Bio