Austin Lowe songwriter and artist has released his new EP, “Emotions.” The EP contains seven original tracks for a listening time of around 35 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Kings Republic Enterprises. ‘Emotions’ is globally distributed by Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment.

The EP “Emotions” reveals an intimate take from Lowe’s catalog. Austin both lyrically and vocally paints stories with an undeniable knack for crafting each tune as an individual work of art. A Contemporary R&B / Hip Hop blend is exactly what music fans can expect from the EP “Emotions,” with surprise elements that are neither predictable nor derivative.

Austin Lowe cites as main artistic influences Justin Beiber, MGK, and Drake. His own sound is more set apart, however. Throughout “Emotions Austin showcases his skillful songwriting and melodic rendering capabilities.

Austin Lowe is a national recording artist and songwriter with music reminiscent of soul, r&b with a blend of new school hip hop. He aspires to leave a lasting impression on the music industry. The Lancaster, PA native was introduced to the elements of creating music at an early age. After developing a passion for the arts, he began writing songs for other artists which later blossomed into songwriting for himself. With the fundamentals of delivering great content, Austin will continue to set himself apart in a high-quality standard.