An off the grid independent media company, together with legal advisers, is contemplating a lawsuit against Britney Spears, Sony Music and Universal for theft by deception, fraud, and preventing trained musicians from making a living.

Also as subject matter for the lawsuit is market and culture-fixing and undue influence and domination of available media.

All of this came about when a disastrously tuneless production stage recording for Spears’ 2013 album went viral on the internet:

What is more, it was uncovered that record labels like Sony Music and Universal make heavy use of auto-tuning software to “fix” what is essentially bad singing.

It is also well known that Spears lip-syncs during live appearances.

The media company which is preparing the lawsuit considers the influence of stars like Britney Spears to be overwhelming thanks to multi-million dollar marketing by major record labels. But, that dominance of the media makes it difficult for young, new talent to gain recognition and success, the company argues.

On top of that, mounting evidence of a lack of musical talent from someone like Spears, who should be well trained for the studio by this stage in her career, constitutes fraud, argues the media company. For this reason, they believe the right thing to do is take legal action and aim to highlight what they believe is the real musical talent that struggles under the monopoly of the giant labels and their stars.

The company is seeking 10 % of all sales by artist whom use auto-tune for disbursement to appropriately identified music schools, and 5 million dollars in punitive damages.

More about the lawsuit will be available as the story unfolds.

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Vince Reid