Avara has released her new single titled ‘golden’. The subtlety is what creates the magic of this song. Particularly the way it gently caresses Avara’s voice. To say this is her first single really hits home the fact that the talent is astonishing at such a start to a career.

While ‘golden’ burns slow and drives slower, we hear that ambitious feeling and heart in every note and lyric. Capturing an emotion is sometimes difficult with music, unless you have the talent and have lived what you sing. This song was lived.

About Avara & ‘golden’

The Atlanta raised, Austin transplant continues introducing herself and her music to listeners with “golden” earning the songstress irrefutable credibility as a seasoned R&B songwriter and performer despite this being her first official release.

Avara settles into a rich, elevated, mature sound on this single that embodies a hypnotic level of vulnerability and soul that is bound to leave listeners in awe at the caliber of artistry the songstress achieves on this record. “golden” exists at the intersection of romance and self-love in an uncomfortable place characterized by the impending loss of love as a necessary means of self-preservation. Akin to a queen that gives herself up to please her king who ultimately discards her like a lowly beggar, she recognizes that she is worthy of love as she is, that she is golden and does not need to mold herself around anyone else’s expectations.

Sultry vocals dance between arpeggiated guitar and ethereal synths with colorful, cascading runs throughout the track. Avara delivers a breathtaking vocal performance on this single that will leave listeners enamored as she sets an example of self-empowerment. Listeners will hear a sound reminiscent of iconic artists like Raveena, Jhene Aiko, Hope Tala, and Kehlani on “golden.”

Inspired by a break-up from a past relationship, the single starts with a voicemail from an ex that goes on to set the foundation for the rest of the track. Avara wrote “golden” based off of that break-up and the lessons she learned from it, and collaborated with producer SORRY EVERETT to bring the track to life. This track speaks to anyone in relationships learning to navigate romance, and is especially relevant to those going through break-ups. “golden” manifests from the experience of dating as a woman of color, and offers an empowering perspective for anyone who’s in a relationship.

Avara wants listeners to know that they “do not need to be so soft and malleable. [They] don’t need to people please. Whether you are honey, or you are wildfire, as a person, as a valid human, you are still golden.” She wants listeners to know that they are worthy as they are.