1. Blow The Roof Off! Azarianne 3:11

Azarianne (pronounced ‘ah-zar-ree-anne’) is the exciting new face of electropop. A singer/songwriter who experiments with elements of classical orchestral sounds, hip hop beats, exotic rhythms and sounds of nature all wrapped in a palatable pop package. Her writing explores the torturous dark days of her past through to the upbeat feel-good celebrations of what life looks like on the other side of personal transformation. Influences include Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Lana del Rey, Katy Perry, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley and M.I.A.

Her debut single ‘Blow The Roof Off!’, due to be released 22 October 2022, is a sassy love song that sounds like a tropical island beach party crossed with an action movie. It’s a vibrant party anthem that tells the tale of how one person can ignite an uncontainable energy and zest for life.

As a young child Azarianne started performing shows at home for her family with tickets selling at 50c each. The early spark of a future destined for the stage quickly diminished as she suffered bullying and her parents’ messy divorce. She started to withdraw as she lost confidence and struggled with low self-esteem. Although the stage still held its appeal, she thought she could hide behind the scenes and studied Film & Television when she left school. As she strived for an ever elusive exciting life, her reality became a list of personal and professional failures including working in countless jobs she hated as well as battling an eating disorder, depression and eventual financial ruin.

After many hours lamenting in therapy and prayer, she dared to revisit the stage. Through her soul-searching years she came to an authentic and powerful realization that a career in music was her destiny. She went on to bravely complete a Bachelor of Music which then gave her the skills and the confidence to liberate her voice and start composing. She says, “Yeah life has not been easy but somehow I’m still here… I feel that’s because I still have a purpose to fulfil in life.”

Having overcome seemingly endless challenges, Azarianne breathes a fresh new energy into our music industry with her resilient spirit and unique colorful artistry. Her upcoming debut album, due to be released in 2023, is not afraid to break rules and doesn’t easily fit in any particular genre but you’ll soon find yourself humming her tunes with their catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and universal themes.

SOURCE: Official Bio