Cheesy is the debut EP of Stockholm-based garage rock trio Baba Kaiko. Filled with honeyed melodies and bittersweet lyrics, Cheesy balances between being catchy but still a bit raw. Touching upon themes of feeling dreary and searching for inner world peace, Baba Kaiko wants to explore the many strange and warm places between pop and rock music.

Baba Kaiko was founded in 2022 by Erik Målsäter (guitar/ vocals), Anton Guldbrand Eriksson (bass) and Filip Krzyzanowski (drums). Erik, former guitarist and songwriter of indie pop band Dim Vanilla, wanted to have an outlet for his punchy garage rock ideas and at the same time create what he likes the most, catchy pop melodies. A couple of demos later they were three and had started to rehearse, fittingly, in a garage out in the rural Roslagen. Filip, also music producer under the name of Smowkdragon, has done the mixing and the mastering of the debut EP, which the band now is thrilled to share with the world.

SOURCE: Official Bio