On his new single ‘A Muto,’ Cameroonian Jazz impressario Bachot Muna brings soulful, sexy vibes toheat up your snow-filled February in a sumptuous mix of Afro Soul and Latin Jazz. Bachot’s music is like nothing else in the charts at the moment and acts as an irresistibly catchy soundtrack to life’s more enjoyable moments.

This song does not contain the autotune and computer-engineered sounds which are so common inmodern music. Bachot uses real instruments to provide his unique sound and demonstrate hisimmense talent. This talent has seen him work with some of the most decorated professionals in themusic industry, such as 13-time Grammy Winner Mike Makowski and legendary trombonist EduardAkulin.

‘A Muto’ is the lead track from Bachot’s latest and fifth album ‘Back To The Roots.’ The four albumswhich preceded ‘Back To The Roots’ saw Bachot master his craft, passing through Abidjan, Brusselsand Montréal, while teaching himself to be his own sound engineer, in order to allow the world tohear his unique, vibrant sound. However, these travels have not been limited to music production.Bachot gave an acclaimed performance at the 2013 Montréal International Jazz Festival. Bachot is nostranger to critical acclaim, having won awards everywhere from Cameroon to LA over his storiedcareer.

Bachot’s latest album ‘Back To The Roots’ can be purchased HERE.