Bad Sounds has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Aah Song’ from their new EP ‘Escaping From a Violent Time, Vol. IV’ the final instalment of their four-volume collection, via Nettwerk.

‘Aah Song’ is one of those rare uplifting tracks that takes you for that special ride that you needed at that right moment. Filled with a feeling of summer and a hook that lifts you up when you’re feeling down, the video is the perfect introduction to the EP and the EP is an even better introduction to those who have never heard of Bad Sounds.

About Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds are pleased to present their brand new EP ‘Escaping From a Violent Time, Vol. IV’ the final instalment of their four-volume collection, including focus track ‘Aah Song’ released 29th March through Nettwerk.

The ‘Escaping From A Violent Time’ series has proven to grow and grow in popularity among both lovers and haters of everything Bad Sounds do, and Vol.IV is possibly their most mature, and disarming of the saga. It features many trademark attributes that die hard Bad Sounds fans have come to expect and delight in; full to the brim with personal anecdotes and soulful melodies. A perfect way to close this chapter out, and leaves the listener feeling humbled, and more confused than ever about who the fuck Bad Sounds think they are.

They say: “The ‘Escaping From A Violent Time’ project started as therapy for us. We had built a world for ourselves with Bad Sounds early releases and then felt completely trapped by. We felt like we were many different things, but for one reason or another it felt that we were perceived as this throw away, young, cheeky indie thing that we didn’t relate to at all.” They go on to add: “So we set about the EFAVT project like ‘we’ll show them what we’re not’. We haven’t tried to deliberately alienate our fanbase but we wanted to turn everything we’d created on our first album on its head. I think it was the only way we knew how to move forward, and has resulted in the most honest and heartfelt music we’ve ever written. It was always our intention to release a series of EPs that linked together instead of an album.”

“EFAVT has expanded to 4 Volumes and is much more of a “help yourself to what you want” kind of deal, rather than a strictly formatted collection of songs. Despite this, I still feel that it feels cohesive and people who go in hard on it will feel the thread that pulls it all together. We haven’t been fighting to stay on trend, we just want to be ourselves on record.”

Staying DIY through and through, their confidence and versatility has only grown since the start of this ‘Escaping’ era. Bad Sounds have spent recent years establishing themselves as hugely respected writers and producers, working with Arlo Parks on her Mercury Award winning debut Collapsed In Sunbeams, as well as a wide variety of other artists, including Nectar Woode, Miso Extra, Rose Gray, VC Pines, Lady Blackbird, Devon, Ruti, and SOFY.

With the release of ‘Escaping From A Violent Time, Vol. IV’ and their recent output, Bad Sounds take pride in their exceptionally assured, multi-faceted work. Their newest offerings look to be their most exhilarating achievements yet. Bad Sounds have always had to cut their own groove as brothers and artists, it’s a rhythm that’s only becoming more infectious over time.