She’s captivating, interesting, slick, glamorous and rough. Belle Scar is the new solo project of the multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, artist and arranger Geeta. Originally from Montreal, she has now lived in London for 2 years. Inspired by life, lust, art, sci-fi, dreams and strange moods and grooves, Belle Scar is well recognized for giving intense live performances.

Escalade is the first single from the forthcoming album due in 2018, its a powerful, upbeat, catchy electro song with a chorus that hooks you right away, “Climbing the Road, Climbing the Road,” she sings out raw and fearless. The song has that epic and hypnotizing effect at first listen, you want to hear it again and again. Belle Scar’s an eccentric on stage, with her unique style of singing and dancing, like a creature from another planet. Influenced by artists such as David Bowie, PJ Harvey, Andy Warhol, Siouxsie Sioux, Grace Jones and Bjork, Belle Scar definitely has her own signature style which is singular and dangerously captivating.

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Adding to Belle Scar’s beats and synth’s is her partner in crime Marc Olivier’s dirty and sensual sounds on his guitar, adding a rougher edge to the electro-pop song yet keeping it sharp and cool. He also recorded and produced the track at Plastic Sound Studios where they met and worked on Geeta’s previous album Light bulbs. Escalade has a commercial appeal but not in a conventional way. Escalade is a unique song which can be heard on a big system and have everyone chanting and dancing, but can also be that song you listen to in the morning loud in your headphones to help you get up, face the world and keep your head high no matter what. ‘Walking in circles, I’m stepping inside the zone, here my bones crack every-time I lose control’ The zone can be anything from your own mind to your fears, to the world to your silence, your addictions, your doubts, your surroundings, war, anything personal or not.

Belle Scar has collaborated with several international artists from the music, cinema, multi-media and fashion scenes. She participated at festivals like the Flux Exhibition at the Royal College of Arts in London, The Glastonbury Festival U.K, NXNE Festival in Toronto, New Cinema Festival and International Literature Festival, The Fringe and Pop Montreal in Canada, Fields Emporda Festival in Costa Brava, Fringe Festival in Bath UK, Degeneration Festival in the Czech Republic, Catwalk for Fashion Show (Barcelona), as well as touring all over Europe in 2014-15 presenting the album Light Bulbs.

It’s a new beginning for Belle Scar who walks and daydreams daily in the streets of London.