1. I Will Bertie Newman 3:05

Hackney born-and-raised artist Bertie Newman is kicking off 2023 not with a bang, but with a gentle flicker that’s coming straight from the heart. ‘I Will’ is the evocative indie-pop song about change; the kind of subtle transition that you’d least expect due to being in a well of depression and anxiety.

“‘I Will’ explores the shift of my past pre conceptions and associations with particular objects, places and people to how I feel now. I wanted to show the change in my mental state by making an ultimately happy and hopeful song, sound somber, just as I once felt.”
– Bertie Newman

As such, Newman’s songwriting is a sensitive composition of scaling guitar notes, atmospheric reverb and the artist’s inescapably serene pop vocal. He artfully incorporates naturalistic images like “morning sun” and “cold and darkened sky” to portray the subtle mood shifts that makes this such an enagaing listen. Newman captures the highs and lows of change in just three minutes by contrasting quieter moments of tranquility and his internal monologue with a rousing, upbeat chorus in which the artist repeatedly asserts “And oh I will, Oh I will I will I will I will.”

‘I Will’ is the ideal song for opening yourself up to the possibilities of the new year.

Bertie Newman is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter born and raised in Hackney, London. Inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Hozier and Gregory Alan Isakov. Bertie was featured on BBC Introducing London with his most recent single ‘Seaside Eyes’. Jess Iszatt says “Lose yourself in this gorgeous tune”.

‘Seaside Eyes’ has reached over 2 million streams on Apple Music alone, including editorial support (Acoustic Chill, New in Singer-songwriter). The track also had support from Youtube Music. Recent cover of ‘IDK You Yet’ by Alexander 23, has gone viral on Instagram, pushing the track to over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. ‘IDK You Yet’ was also used on Earthpix (23.5 M followers) and Noah Beck (9M followers) social accounts.

SOURCE: Official Bio