Big Wreck has released their new EP titled ‘Pages’ via Sonic Unyon. Following up on the “7” releases of 2021 and 2022, Big Wreck show their natural evolution of music with a sound that continues to diversify for the masses and enlighten fellow musicians around the world. Big Wreck is one of those guilty pleasures for me. They have that huge stadium guitar rock sound, yet they seamlessly venture into other genres with no effort. And, while other artists may try that same thing and have it become a train wreck, Big Wreck simply make it a part of their overall sound.

Since I first heard ‘The Oaf’ on Indianapolis radio in 1997, Big Wreck has been one of those bands I have to follow. Not just as a fan, but as a musician. They’ve made me a better musician and have taught me to be myself, by them being so original. And that is the sign of a set of artists with a virtuous legacy.

Instead of going track by track on this, I will let the music speak for itself. Press play.

About Big Wreck & ‘Pages’

Pages sees Big Wreck once again rewrite the code for rock music. At the start of 2023, Ian Thornley (guitar/vocals) started workshopping the songs for the band’s eighth studio effort. After sharing the music with longtime friend and producer Nick Raskulinecz, it became clear that he was not only excited about the direction, but that he was the only choice to lead the production charge on this effort. In May 2023, the band began pre-production with Nick, and entered the studio with Chris Holmes at the desk, and Nick directing the sessions. Over the span of two weeks, the band tracked 18 songs.

Longtime mixing engineer Eric Ratz was the natural fit for this first EP, and rekindled the ‘dream team’ of Eric, Ian, and Nick. (Fans will remember the magic that was created when Albatross was born in 2012 — an album that has delivered multiple chart-topping singles, and is now Gold-certified.) Following up on the “7” releases of 2021 and 2022, the band will once again visit the EP model.

The first EP in this collection covers all the bases of what fans have come to love about Big Wreck. The EP leads off with the 7+ minute track, “In Fair Light”, which explores new textures and new territories for the band. It then takes a right turn into the driving alt-rock track, and first single, “Bailout”.

The core of the EP is filled with a blend of rich color and artistry with tracks “Summerlong”, “Weightless”, and “White Lies”. The final track is a tip of the hat to some of the biggest influences of Ian and Big Wreck with the track, “Bird Of Paradise”.