Fresh off a west coast tour in support of The Black Crowes and following a string of rocking singles, Los Angeles artist Billy Tibbals will release his highly anticipated, Chris Robinson-produced sophomore EP Nightlife Stories via Silver Arrow Records. The project is a roaring mixture of raucous guitar and charming harmonies, with echoes of classic glam and glitter—encompassing the elegant stomp of T. Rex, Sparks, and ‘70s David Bowie—filtered through a wide range of modern influences and attitudes. Chris Robinson says, “Billy has the rock & roll dream in his eyes, stardust in his hands, a head full of music, and the dance floor at his feet.” Tibbals’ music has been featured across multiple Apple Music playlists including New Music Daily, New In Rock, Breaking Rock, All Guitars, and more, as well as CREEM’s New Music playlist.

Ahead of the release, today Billy Tibbals shared the final glimpse into the project with the focus track “Out Of Touch.” The high-powered rocker closes out Side A of the EP and follows the narrative of a protagonist who is grappling with feelings of loneliness, mourning his past self. Billy expands, “The track is sung from the perspective of a deadbeat businessman in an office on the 10th floor of a crumbling skyscraper.” Zippy guitars and echoing backup vocals emphasize Tibbals’ upbeat signature style, as lyrics dig deep into themes of isolation and nonconformity in today’s society.

Billy Tibbals will also be performing at this year’s Evolution Festival in Saint Louis, MO in September, with more information and tickets available HERE.

Billy Tibbals was born and raised in London before his family moved to Los Angeles when he was 11. He started writing songs in high school, singing verses into his iPhone and teaching himself how to play piano and guitar so he could eventually start practicing the songs accumulating in his head. Tibbals’ 2023 debut Stay Teenage marked the first time he ventured into a real recording studio and spent time touring. While he was happy with the results of his first EP, on stage he felt something else emerging, saying, “there was definitely a more loud and raucous feel to the live shows which I wanted to capture on the next record.”

On his sophomore EP Nightlife Stories, Billy Tibbals offers a beacon of hope for a new generation of rock fans—an audience he believes is enjoying a resurgence. Tibbals’ music brings glam rock to 2024 within a once-again-burgeoning LA rock scene. He explains, “I wanted to make something a little more aggressive. It’s called ‘Nightlife Stories,’ and so it’s about seedy creatures of the night.” The result is six tracks that are bold, stone cold, and ready to mold the minds of the American youth. With his mop of curls and brazen, spangled outfits, Tibbals is a return to old-school glamor with eccentric hooks and dramatic swings that demand to be played loud again and again.

SOURCE: Official Bio