Borracho has released their new AI generated video for the track titled ‘Architects of Chaos I’, from their upcoming album ‘Blurring the Lines of Reality’, dropping on August 18th on Kozmik Artifactz.

Retaining their status as the kings of chaos and the dukes of dirt, Borracho delivers a sick and darkly twist deep dive into the artificial mind of intelligence. Classically rooted indie meets the sights of the future and collide with fused hybrid brilliance with a jam band from hell and a sound that is timeless.

About Borracho & ‘Architects of Chaos I’

Creating a sonic tapestry that transcend boundaries, the band combines elements of classic, doom, and progressive rock to form a signature sound that has resonated with fans since their formation over fifteen years ago.

Drawing on influences spanning decades, they combine soaring musicality with subterranean propulsion, encompassing the hard-driven strut of bands like Black Sabbath and Mountain, stoner jams of Clutch and Fu Manchu, and the unmistakable energetic sensibilities of Mastodon and High on Fire.

Adding to an already impressive discography, their highly anticipated fifth studio album – Blurring the Lines of Reality – will get an official release this August on German label, Kozmik Artifactz, and cement their rightful place at the centre of the US underground stoner rock scene.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the release. It really pulls together so many elements of our sound and reflects the emotions and challenges of the period it was written during a global pandemic. We think we’ve crafted a truly immersive and powerful listening experience that fans, and newcomers will really enjoy,” explains drummer, Mario Trubiano.

Their lead single, ‘Architects of Chaos I’, is the first of three connected tracks that make up an entire side of the album. Full of Eastern influence the song unfolds into a dissection of the socio-political issues that have shaped the world we live in. A theme that carries through much of the album. One of the ways the band indulged in this exploration was by using AI in the creation of both the album art and the video for the single. As you’ll see, technology is both powerful and scary in equal measure, highlighting the potential for its use and its misuse.

Borracho’s Blurring the Lines of Reality will be officially released on 18th August 2023 on Kozmik Artifactz.