Based in Velenje, Slovenia, Brlee debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic ‘This Is The Place’ which comes backed up with two superb remixes from Manu Riga and Crocy. Brlee’s DJ career began in 2002 and since then he has played at many clubs and events including Bora Bora in Ibiza, Space, Ibiza – alongside Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin at This Is Revolution – and has held residencies at Casablanca and Escape in Slovenia. In 2016 he founded Overload Records bringing together a collection of like – minded artists and spreading their sound far and wide. With several releases on various labels, Brlee’s first solo effort on Overload came out in late 2016 and no doubt we haven’t seen the last of this guy.

The Original Mix intros with a brilliant punchy kick drum that pounds out a solid beat alongside subtle percussions and sweet melodies that fade in slowly. The theme of the track is laid out beautifully in the first few bars as we embark on a deep and thoughtful slice of Progressive House bliss. Stabbing synths contrast well with the softer melodic elements while a rumbling bass lies on the low end. A heavily FX’d voice mesmerizes as we are locked in for the duration on this one. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

Manu Riga is back for remix duties with another one of his sublime efforts that blow us away every time. His ‘Dreamz’ Remix is simply stunning and will leave you wanting more and more. So far this year Manu Riga has already delivered us some quality cuts in the form of the outstanding ‘Your Silent Cries’ as well as a few remixes. Currently he is working on new material with an exciting new collaboration also in the works, we look forward to that one in the near future. Here he gives us a solid Progressive House workout with the original melody given prominence. A tight Manu Riga style drum section delivers a flowing rhythm while a lush bass fills us with warmth. Swirling pads etch out a rich tapestry of sound that blend effortlessly with the soft melodies as that drum arrangement gets the feet working to the floor. Superb stuff once again from the Belgian maestro.

Crocy is up next with his fantastic remix which takes us down a deeper progressive path filled with contrasting sounds and a solid driving groove. Last time out we saw Crocy deliver a stunning remix on Platunoff & Blufeld’s ‘Trua’ and before that we caught him on our ‘In The Mix’ series where he performed a blisteringly good Prog set. Here he gives us a real tasty treat in the Prog department as the track intros with a punchy kick and slicing hi hat combo to the backdrop of a mesmeric rising pad and soft melody. Shuffling rhythms come out of an enhanced percussion arrangement as the synths and keys intensify. The bassline gets major focus with its driving prowess and powerful groove directing us to the floors. A wonderfully crafted slice that balances darker elements with softer melodies, top notch.