Already a Classic Rock Track of the Week, the keenly anticipated “Rock & Stone” EP from British rockers Broken Chords will be released on April 6th, 2015 on Capital Artists. Produced by Paul Tipler (Placebo, Idlewild, The Horrors), the EP serves up 4 blazing rock cuts which herald a harder, more mature direction for the band. Track listing is:

  1. Rock & Stone
  2. Your Moves
  3. Tell Them Of Us
  4. Wild Child

A downloadable Soundcloud of the EP can be accessed here:

Likened to a “more contemporary Rival Sons” by influential music website Louder Than War, the 23 year old Broken Chords, hailing from Essex/Herts, are a band who have come of age on the road. Testing new material live is at the heart of what they do – and this policy has accelerated them from 60 national club gigs a year to full UK tour and Academy supports in 2014 for the legendary Bernie Torme (Gillan, Ozzie Osbourne) and Australian rockers Electric Mary, plus a headline slot at Hard Rock Hell Helloween.

In March 2015, Broken Chords embark on a tour of Poland and Ukraine, while April 2015 sees the boys supporting cult Welsh outfit Kyshera nationally – with additional major festival bookings shaping up courtesy of live agency Inspired Artists.

“Yeah, I guess you could say we were ‘kings of the toilet circuit’ in 2014,” laughs frontman Joe. “But I use that term with a lot of love and appreciation. I just can’t see any other way for a young rock band to earn their spurs than by getting out there and doing it. We loved every minute of it, and we never stopped learning, especially from supporting legends like Bernie Torme.”

“You know, after we headlined the second stage at Hard Rock Hell in October, we attracted a lot of attention. Loads of people were coming up to me saying how we’d come from nowhere to headline a major event. I told ’em we were an overnight sensation that has been three years in the making! When you smash it four times a week in a practice shed, then cane it up and down the country every weekend playing live, this is the kind of band you get. We’ve got nothing to lose. There’s no plan B, no back-up, nothing. It’s shit or bust for us.”

The “Rock and Stone EP” follows 2014 debut single “Get Some”  which indicated early promise and was warmly welcomed by BBC Radio, XFM, Amazing Radio, Shoreditch Radio, Classic Rock, independent radio and internet rock sites.

“And yay, it came to pass that Rock And Stone crashed into our brains like a jack-knifed truck, leaving shrapnel and debris all over our temporal lobe.” (Classic Rock – Tracks of the Week)

First review of “Rock and Stone” EP is here:

“One of the most impressive new rock bands in Britain right now.” (Maximum Volume Music).

“Broken Chords are a tight three-piece who sound like a more contemporary Rival Sons. There’s a 70s vibe to some riffs, but they don’t slavishly stick to the past. They are clearly having a ball.” (Louder Than War)

“Broken Chords mix flamboyant, strutting, and sexualised showmanship with rock solid instrumental skills. If you like your frontmen in your face, attacking their guitars with Pete Townshend windmills one second and posing like Hendrix the next, Broken Chords are your kind of band. Add in some stonking rock riffs, wicked tunes, and an overall Tarantino bar band vibe, and you have a trio that few would volunteer to follow.” (

“The Chords are to rock ‘n’ roll what fire is to a Pyromaniac.” (

“Look out for these guys Broken Chords – they rock like muthas cool as shit, love ’em!” (Bernie Torme)

“They are only a couple of well-placed festival bookings from being a major band in 2015” (Maximum Volume Music)

“A power trio that really do deliver a powerful punch of groove driven rock ‘n’ roll which really gets your blood pumping, I can see these guys becoming the darlings of the classic rock fraternity…” (Midlands Rocks)