1. South Current 2.0 Buildings and Food 3:03

Hailing from Toronto, Jen is an independent electronic music recording artist, whose work incorporates multiple genres including electropop, experimental, IDM, downtempo, glitch and ambient music. Jen is a classically trained pianist, visual artist and self-taughtmulti-instrumentalist who began her career in the late 1990’s in Toronto, playing guitar, keys and drums with various alternative rock outfits and later embarked on a visual arts career, moving to Ottawa and winning several project grants for her work.

Her return to Toronto marked a return to music making and she released her debut solo album, Quick Beat Save, in November 2018 under the moniker Buildings and Food. Her sophomore release, “Up Down Strange Charm” was released in September 2020. Both albums received glowing reviews and enjoyed multiple chart appearances in Canada and the U.S., earning spots on several ‘Best of Year” lists.

Regarding the new single:“South Current 2.0” is the reworking of a song I wrote and recorded in 2001, under a different moniker. I recently came across the recording, which was just acoustic guitar and vocals, and decided it might be fun to give it an electronic treatment. I added beats, various overdubs, electroacoustic treatments, and additional vocals.”,says Jen K. Wilson.

SOURCE: Official Bio