1. Fields Of Confusion Burton Badman 2:35

Burton Badman’s debut album, The Opposite Way Around, takes listeners on a journey between moods, states of minds and musical landscapes, reflecting the diverse tastes of each individual band member.

The songs were written at different times and in different places, and were fused together with an original, contemporary sound. The result is a unique, personal amalgam: a rich musical world, reflecting hues of alternative rock, prog, dark and theatrical.

Burton Badman, in its current lineup, came into being five years ago around the creative spark ignited by the meeting of the two material creative engines of the band, Ran Shedlinsky and Danny Yachin. The group gives expression to both songs accumulated over the years and passed the test of time, as well as new songs written from their current incarnation. Their unique sound is created from the influences that the band members bring with them, and the extensive experience they have gained over the years. The result is a personal and unique alchemy of a rich musical world.

SOURCE: Official Bio