Calboa explore the sonic sound spectrum with their contemplative and conceptual piano ballads and gloomy, textured guitar compositions. With a penchant for getting things off their chest, Calboa‘s style can be best described as narrative poetry energised from a complex emotional landscape. Callum Blakeston‘s lyrics ensure every song is of a personal flavour; encompassing subjects like love, loss, and addiction.

Calboa was initially conceived by Callum Blakeston as a solo project during lockdown, which turned out to be a very influential period in his life, taking time to reflect and make music, throughout this creative process garnering a collection of songs. Once lockdown lifted, like many people, he was looking for the next direction in life, and formed a band of like-minded individuals to bring the music to life.

After a handful of DIY releases (recorded in a friends tattoo shop), and only TWO live shows, they gained the attention of non other than Pete Doherty of The Libertines, who immediately invited them to be main support for them to help raise awareness for mental health charity “Tonic”. Within this show they also got to play alongside Liverpudlian legend – Jamie Webster, and James Walsh of Starsailor.

Calboa’s style can be best described as story-telling that pulls from any emotion. Each song is a personal tale covering subjects like love, loss, and addiction – to name a few – all while being accompanied by a musical style that is distinctive to the band and elevates the sentiments Callum displays in his voice. Every tender, bittersweet lyric is delivered with a ‘heart-on-my-sleeve’ approach; a charm and honesty that underpins the reality of Calboa’s words and brings depth to his formidable vocal performances. This is all complimented by the multi-instrumentalist’s ability to craft beautiful and memorable sounds; ranging from toe-tapping guitar hooks to haunting, somber organ pieces; each song sticks around in the mind long after the track ends. Truly a talent that is all too rare to find in the current musical landscape.

SOURCE: Official Bio