Caleb Miller has released his new single titled ‘Handsome’. Quirky alt-pop refined for radio with an electro-hook sounding signature, Caleb joins the annuls of indie legends with a song that feels as good as it sounds. For a second, I actually thought summer was still here.

While the song has that solid pop sound, there is a lot going on in the background musically. We hear another world trying to break that glass ceiling and let itself be known. This is what modern music is starting to sound like. Inspired.

About Caleb Miller

Caleb Miller is an emerging alt-pop artist, producer and singer-songwriter hailing from Colorado. Honing in on stories from his own life in a power pop exploration, he released his debut single ‘COOL AS YOU’ earlier this year, a grungy and gritty introduction into Caleb’s musical sphere, to which he has already amassed thousands of streams on Spotify alone. On the verge of releasing his debut album, Miller already seems to have identified exactly who he is as an artist and what he wants his music to say.

The second instalment of Caleb Miller is luscious, electro-pop single ‘HANDSOME’. Taking homage from modern pop pioneers such as Kid Laroi, Shawn Mendes and Jon Bellion, Caleb’s sound is immediately accessible, full of melodic hooks with so much to latch onto. There are beautiful moments where his vocals go into a vocoder effect, bringing a whole new dimension to the track, reminiscent of Bon Iver.

‘HANDSOME’ is infectious and oozes character and personality, and you can hear the sound world that Caleb Miller is starting to create.

Producing and writing the song himself and then collaborating with co-producer Casey Barth to get the finished product, the result is an intoxicating and powerful alt-pop track with an energy and presence that cannot be ignored. Caleb says “‘HANDSOME’ is a song about how everything a girl could say always makes me think of the girl who said it to me first.”

Caleb’s vocal still manages to take center stage amongst all the complex production, and in a world where you simply have to stand out, Caleb Miller does so in style. ‘HANDSOME’ is the perfect introduction into everything this exciting new artist has to offer.