Camping has today released their new album titled ‘Never Been Camping’. This is an album you can just hit play and let play, if you know what I mean. Yeah, I know that that is a bold statement, to say the least, but this is an album laced with personality. Hailing from the Singapore emo scene, Camping feels as much of that magic period (late 80s to early 90s) when alternative was still the alternative and MTV segregated music like this for the cool kids and those not wishing to be misled by the music hit assembly line.

“While most song ideas are initially conceived of by the vocalists, we work very collaboratively to flesh each song out together. Our group chat is overflowing with videos and voice notes we send each other while tinkering with ideas on our own: think lots of vocalized guitars, scatting, and air drums being layered over each other. We let these ideas marinate and work on them together in the studio, which, at our peak, was almost twice a week.

We wanted to sound organic on the EP so we opted to record them live with PK Records, who have recorded some of Singapore’s finest releases over the past few years.”
Hadi Lee

About Camping

Camping is no stranger to the alternative emo scene in Singapore. Comprised of members from Terrible People, Bethari, and Charm, their debut release in mid-2023 marked a promising entry into the emo canon, with the two-track demo pocketing nearly 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify within the quarter. The four-piece has since opened for acts such as Anxious and Angel Du$t and is slated to open for Citizen and a local New Year’s Eve mini-festival.