Thrusting himself into the contemporary urban scene, singer, and producer Baba Nyza is the latest addition to R&B’s new wave of up and coming artists. A Toronto native, his music and vocal prowess will remind you of a cross between Adam Levine and The Weeknd, but no less includes his own unique treacly flavor.

Launching back onto the scene for 2018, Baba Nyza has just released his latest single ‘The Act’, revealing an underlay of topics that most artists are often too afraid to speak about. Centralised through a narrative of ‘complicated’ relationships, and the ever-lasting inkling to retract from monogamy, Baba Nyza expresses a taste for the dirty in his latest single, bridging together the unmentionable aspects of adult relationships you never hear about. Baba Nyza combines a mixture of unique vocals with hip-hop compounds and his latest release stands out on its own with an interesting, opaque tone.

In a cut above the rest, Baba Nyza depicts a stimulating flair for distinctive falsetto, side-lining the usual style of R&B to form something a little different of the genre, creating a profusion of personality and creative depth. And his style is getting him plays. A lot of them. Completely self-managed, Baba Nyza reached over 1 million organic plays on Soundcloud and Spotify for his debut release ‘The Afternoon’. In an age where infinite streaming is dominant in the industry, Baba Nyza’s independent musicianship has won him the loyalty of his fans.

His latest track ‘The Act’, mixed and mastered in Metalworks Studios (the same place that was used by Drake in his ‘Take Care’ album), is an uplifting R&B track with an energetic overlay of modern hip-hop reverberations. A direct sequel to ‘The Afternoon’, ‘The Act’ follows a similar storyline. The shocking cover art matches the music created and we can see that this artist is no ordinary artist, he is also a storyteller.

Baba Nyza holds the unique gift of making his voice stand out amongst others. With a mix of collaborative tonalities, ‘The Act’ develops into a thought-provoking track with a narrative that surely shocks as well as pleases. By pushing the boundaries of contemporary songwriting, he has created a well-rounded piece that relays a communication of guilt-inducing lust, characterizing the suppressed expectations that exist within in the modern relationship.

Stirring the pot of impropriety, Baba Nyza gives us a taste of his dark side, his new single opening the door to a new-wave of expressive music for the urban scene. Baba Nyza is an up and coming superstar with a vocal superiority reminiscent of the pop quality found in the Weeknd’s earlier tracks, with a pleasantly strange musical style to match. He is certainly one to look out for in 2018 and beyond.