The Cannabis-Based Comedy Documentary: “Reefer Rendum” explores in a serious yet comedic tone, the continuing legalization of marijuana in America with candid and humorous interviews from many points of view within the 420 community. Politicians, Lawmakers, Doctors, and Comedians.

The documentary will feature some of the funniest, professional working comedians doing 420 themed material. Barnhart is still seeking other industry experts and comedians interested in being a part of the project. For more information, please visit the website at:

Some of the comedians that appear in the documentary so far include Last Comic Standing winner Josh Blue, comic legend George Wallace, Raj Sharma and Steve “Mudflap” McGrew and many more.

The film also has candid interviews with industry experts including Mason Tvertt from Marijuana Policy Project and the owners of Colorado Springs Trichome Health Consultants.

The tentative line up for the May 8th filming features an all star cast of some of the top comedians working today including Don Barnhart, Tony Camin, Jeff Capri, Richard Chassler, Robert Duchaine, Graham Elwood, Teri Joyce, Kristi McHugh, Felicia Michaels, Greg Otto, Paul Ogata, Rick Overton, Craig Shoemaker, Jim Short, Ritch Shydner, Chris Strait, Greg Travis, Danny Villalpando, Dave Herbelin, Mark Beltzman and more. (Acts subject to change due to availablity)

Audiences interested can a part of the filming May 8th, 2015 at Surf City Comedy Club in Huntington Beach, California ( which is co-owned and operated by the film maker’s longtime friend Jeff Capri who will also appear in the project.

Barnhart’s many film projects, include the critically acclaimed documentary, Finding The Funny features iconic comedians Brad Garret and Louie Anderson. Don has also directed The Freedom of Speech Comedy Series and The Ice House’s 50th Anniversary Special. Don also appears in the new film, Tribute To Fluffy and is a regular on XM/Sirius and is a Bob & Tom Radio Show Favorite.

Tickets for the May 8 taping at Surf City Comedy Club are $20 and on sale at:

Barnhart will also be headlining the club May 9th doing his full stand up set.

Surf City Comedy Club
7227 Edinger Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92647