Cat Ryan, the vibrant Indie sensation from Newcastle, are set to captivate audiences with their long-awaited debut EP, ‘King of the World’. Their distinctive blend of indie-rock and pop, showcased previously through acclaimed singles like ‘Mannerism’, comes to life in this new release. At the heart of the EP is the lead single ‘Rex Mundi’, an energetic and empowering centrepiece addressing social injustice through the narrative of a greyhound fleeing its chains. The EP promises an ecclectic mix of melodic innovation and thematic depth, solidifying Cat Ryan’s position at the forefront of the emerging Indie music scene.

Established in 2018 at Newcastle University, Cat Ryan, driven by lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Mary-Anne Murphy, showcase their signature sound characterised by robust melodies, infectious hooks, and musical experimentation, drawing inspiration from Vampire Weekend and Declan McKenna. Through carefully-crafted lyrics, Mary-Anne explores thought-provoking themes, bringing a profound demension to the songs.

The band’s unique brand of Indie-Pop/Gaze has earned them acclaim, featuring on the likes of BBC Radio 1, securing prominent festival performances at Truck Festival and the main stage at Y NOT Festival, and most recently, supporting Sundara Karma. Their artistry has been featured in a number of publications including Indietronica, NARC Magazine, When the Horn Blows, and Next Wave Cassette Magazine.

Highlighting the EP, alongside the impactful single ‘Rex Mundi’ are innovative tracks such as ‘Speeding too Slow’ and ‘Daydream’. ‘Speeding too Slow’ delves into the complexities of potential romantic relationships hindered by the fast pace of life, where coordination becomes a challenge. ‘Daydream’ explores intense themes of love and personal insecurities within relationships, combining memorable melodies with shoegaze-influenced guitars and a mellower tone.

With this release, Cat Ryan anticipates reaching a wider audience, inviting all to experience their evocative sound and meaningful storytelling. ‘King of the World’ marks the beginning of a transformative journey, positioning Cat Ryan at the forefront of the indie music scene.

SOURCE: Official Bio