Catherine Elms has released her new single titled ‘Fire Song’. Dark and lush with feelings of uneasiness. The kind you get when you are stuck in life. From emptiness to completing that next step to make yourself a better person. This is what I hear when I listen to ‘Fire Song’.

About Catherine Elms

Catherine Elms is a dark pop singer songwriter who combines untamed intensity with softly-defined edges; introspective and fierce in equal measure. Her influences range from rock, prog and baroque pop. Drawing on the raw, heartfelt emotion of Tori Amos and the brash power of Amanda Palmer, Catherine has found an evocative and cathartic style that is all her own. A self-taught non-classical pianist, Elms combines lush piano with her soft yet powerful voice, creating an epic and transcendent sound that carries way beyond the norms of today.

The Welsh artist released her explosive debut single ‘Frustrations’ earlier this year, which was more in the rockier realm. In her sophomore release ‘Fire Song’ however, Catherine’s rich vocals soar across an alt rock soundscape, accompanied by atmospheric, beautifully laid strings and confessional lyricism all about the reality of being trapped in a mundane way of life. You can hear the outpouring of emotion as Elms delivers a powerful and deeply personal glimpse into her journey, breaking free of those trappings and burning down her old life only to step out of those flames as a stronger and fiercer individual determined to fulfil her potential.

Catherine Elms showcases all the strings to her ever flowing bow in ‘Fire Song’. Multiple layers and elements build until the song eventually crescendos into a full band sound where Elms’ vocals really shine through. In ‘Fire Song’ she takes us through a truly captivating journey both sonically and lyrically.

A hugely personal song to Catherine about her life turning upside down in the lockdown and beyond, she has created a stunning platform for herself as an emerging artist to look out for in 2022.

‘Fire Song’ is accompanied by a compelling conceptual music video that blends Catherine’s spirited performance with the striking visuals of Scott Chalmers (videographer for Jamie Lenman, Birdeatsbaby, Saint Agnes). The video sees Catherine visually coming into her own power through ritual fire magic, and literally undressing the layers of expectation binding her to reveal her true self.

Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘Fire Song’, Catherine says:

“It’s about feeling trapped in your safe mundane life, and feeling the call to be something wild and something greater than you currently are – and eventually giving in to that call, setting your life on fire, and emerging from the ashes of your former self as a stronger, more self-actualized person.

After years of fear and self-doubt, this year I finished writing my debut album, worked with a producer and studio to bring it to life, and Fire Song will be the second single from that album. The song itself explores these themes – feeling that calling for something more, and finally setting yourself free from fear and comfortable safety. The song represents my first steps on a journey out of the dark, a journey towards the place – and person – I’m meant to be.”