Ceara Cavalieri has today released her new single titled ‘Used’. A subtle and dirty guitar intro sends that first salvo before Ceara sends notice that some can ‘f*ck with anyone’. Having said that, this song is about recovery of the heart and the effects of gaslighting narcissists that affect your composure.

Musically teetering between the fences of rock, pop, and a bit of electronic, Ceara takes that angst we all have experienced and puts it in writing with a hands down and middle finger up to what, at times, appears to be the ‘in style’ way to act towards others. It’s time to think outside of the box and kick them out of that box.

About Ceara Cavalieri

Ceara Cavalieri is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Southern California. Having graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, Cavalieri has since dedicated herself to pursuing music full time. Her love for music stems from the age of three, where she found her voice and wouldn’t stop singing. In her teenage years she took to songwriting as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings when her shyness prevented.

With 6 single releases under her belt thus far, Cavalieri is carving out her own distinct sound of incredibly infectious and candidly relatable pop rock music. “Damn” was placed on Spotify’s “Teen Beats” playlist and “Fresh Finds” playlist. Ceara also recently collaborated with DJ/Producer EQRIC on two dance singles which were placed on Spotify’s “Dance Brandneu” playlist.

Featured image by Mario Barberio.