Chalynn has today released her new single ‘Luv Sum U’ on Lil Baby’s 4PF label. Giving a first listen impression of a refreshed sound in the world of RnB, we get a deeper meaning the more we listen. This is a subtle reinvention.

That magical time of the decade when music, in all genres, gets a reimaged sound while recognizing those before it, but taking that genre in a new direction. Chalynn does this with a style an panache from her that shows that she is of a true musical breed. A brand ambassador for herself and her vision.

This is what an artist should strive to be.

About Chalynn

Chalynn was born in Rochester, New York. When she was nine, her family relocated for more opportunities in Atlanta. From an early age, Chalynn recognized that she liked to sing. “My parents would play music; my mom would play mostly Christian music,” she recalls. Although she says she was timid in church and school choirs, Chalynn could not contain her gift. Using the family’s kitchen computer, the teen would sing along to songs by Brandy, Beyoncé, and Ciara—making others in the house aware. “Anybody in my family can vouch: I sing everything.”

However, Chalynn was being pulled in multiple directions by her upper teens. “I was the first of the family to be on the pathway to go to college,” she admits. “That was always a pressure.” She also discovered a gift in cosmetics. The fashion magazine-obsessed Chalynn grew versed in makeup and nails and was getting hired. “I went on a path to a softer, more natural look, but still glam; that separated me from a lot of people.” Chalynn knew how to highlight features with care and nuance when the common trends leaned bold and colorful. She did make up for entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves and other local celebrities. The opportunity coincided with 2020’s “Summertime,” which showed Chalynn’s talents as a guest artist alongside her friend, Dess Dior. “That was my first time ever being in the studio. I really love that record,” says the guest artist of the song, currently marching towards a million overall streams.

As Chalynn’s life became a crossroads, destiny knocked. “I was presented with the opportunity from Lil Baby,” she recalls of a 4PF offer. “I decided I’m not gonna waste my talent. I have a love for singing, and I’d have the support.” Announced in November 2020, Chalynn has spent the year and a half since refining her talent. “As a brand new artist in this business, you have put in those components of writing and figuring out what’s inside of you that you want to talk about or give to the world,” she shares of the creative process. “I’ve taken my time doing this. I’m grateful for being with 4PF because they’ve allowed me to breathe and go through that. I’m not forced to sound a certain way. When I come out, it will be how I want to sound.”

Listeners will first experience that sound on the anticipated “What You Do.” “This is a new look for me,” shares the singer whose social media can be more reserved than others. “I can present this sexy, fierce side of me that comes across in my music and videos.” Chalynn combines talent, dedication, and opportunity to show she can present her many gifts on the highest level.