Clara Tracey

Clara Tracey has today released her new single titled ‘Baby Witch’ via Pizza Pizza Records. That feeling of that special, or first, love gets the soundtrack treatment with a unique blend of instrumentation underlying Clara’s lush vocals.

I can’t help but highlight her vocals. They are brilliant. Like memorably brilliant. And to marry that vocal to brilliant songwriting and a song that is sheerly signature, that is the stuff that can become legend. I’ve listened to this three times while writing this and I can honestly hear something different each and every time. Dare I say that Clara is an artist with a future? Yes, I can. But what I can also tell you is that only those that make that future through originality will be the ones we remember best.

About Clara Tracey & ‘Baby Witch’

Originally from Fermanagh but now spending her time between Paris and Dublin, Clara Tracey is releasing her beautiful new single ‘Baby Witch’.

Baby Witch tries to capture the hedonistic feeling of falling in love and the danger of letting yourself fly so high – ”you buy me, so fly me, higher than before on a beautiful curve to die for, tilting me gently towards the stratosphere, and I’ll play you there and you’ll sing more brightly than the moon” the lyrics go.

About the song Tracey says “I wrote this song soon after I moved back to Dublin from Paris. I was living in a shabbier than chic flat above a shop called Bohemia and we thought it was paradise. In the middle of all there was this new love story. Baby Witch is about trying to just let yourself love someone even when it feels like your hands or mind might be tied.”

The single launch will take place at the Chateau de Mornay in France at the end of the month “I’m just back from a residency programme in the French countryside organised by Northern Irish art gallery Hambly & Hambly and the Centre Culturel Irlandais. As part of the residency I performed at the local chateau and have been invited back to play in a neighbouring chateau by the mayor. I figured it would be a fitting venue for the launch, the last one had a load of bats in the rafters!”

Clara fell in love with the piano at a young age, however her music career took a detour when she chose to study Law and French in Belfast. It was only after moving to France and experiencing life in a Parisian law firm that she discovered a more artistic lifestyle and started performing in jazz cafes around Paris.

In 2015, Clara moved back to Dublin and has since performed at Electric Picnic, Body&Soul and the leading Dublin venues under various names and guises. She has played with Aoife Nessa Frances, Maija Sofia and Paddy Hanna. Clara has also toured internationally, playing solo shows in Montreal, Paris, London and New York.

Her debut album Black Forest produced by Daniel Fox (Gilla Band) was recorded between lockdowns at Sonic Studios, Stoneybatter and is the culmination of many years and experiments in songwriting. Her soundscapes and lyrics draw subtle cues from the erotic heroes and heroines of French chanson and literature, from Gainsbourg and Birkin to Anais Nin and Colette. It will be released via Pizza Pizza Records in Autumn 2022.