Two of Denver’s most buzzed-about artists, rappers Black Prez and H*Wood are prepping for the release of their debut collaborative effort entitled Code Red. Released under the direction of music label CollectivID, an emerging production house, the new album features a mixture of heartfelt lyrics and a new sound of modern day hip hop. Code Red will be available through pre-sale on September 9th and everywhere September 16th on iTunes.

In addition to the early bird release, CollectivID will be hosting an official album launch party on September 9th at Epernay Lounge in downtown Denver. Fans are encouraged to come out for a sneak preview of the album and check out Black Prez and H*Wood as they offer up a live performance of “That 303”. The first single released from the album, “That 303” introduces you to a new era of West coast rap; The track itself is dedicated to the state of Colorado and highlights the distinct sound of two talented lyricists.

“This album will be the cornerstone of CollectivID as music label,” says Taver Tor. “Code Red really lays the foundation of the quality of artist and music that we’ll be pushing for years to come. Our primarily focus is the create high energy, meaningful music that the fans will enjoy and want to vibe to.”

Produced by Alton “DJ Five8” Coward and the label’s CEO and executive producer Taver Tor, Code Red features 12 tracks of electro-hip hop and has frequently drawn comparison to Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli and Kid Cudi. The track list includes:

1. Intro
2. Follow
3. That 303 ft. Yasi
4. Level
5. Suddenly ft. Yasi & Ty Fury
6. Fear
7. Be You ft. Molly Burnett
8. Eleven
9. Make Me Feel ft. Yasi
10. Tonight
11. PFM
12. Outro

Written by lyricists Brandyn “H*Wood” Bordeaux & Josh “Black Prez” Madry, the album also features guest appearances from vocalists Yasman Azimi & Molly Burnett. In addition to the forthcoming album release, CollectivID has also announced the release date of the second single, “Tonight”, which is also slated to debut on September 9th.

About CollectivIDs
They gear up for the official release of their new single “That 303″ and debut album Code Red, Denver area rappers H*Wood and Black Prez are determined to turn heads with their uniquely combined lyrical styles. Fused with elements of EDM and live band, the two offer an entirely youthful and refreshing approach to the new era of Hip Hop.

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