Cozy Slippers has today premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow’ self titled debut album on Kleine Untergound Schallplatten (vinyl) and Subjangle (CD) on October 14th, 2022. Showing the personality of the band right from that first note and frame, we get a quirky and immersive look into the minds of these musicians.

While the video is as fun as it is rewatchable, its also another chance to listen to the song. This is a song that instantly grows on you in every uncontrollable way. Nevermind the hook, which is infectious, the overall feeling of the track will make your day. Beautifully crafted and birthed more than recorded, Cozy Slippers will become your next favorite band. They wrote the soundtrack to the rest of your summer.

About Cozy Slippers & ‘Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow’

Cozy Slippers announce their return with the release of their self titled debut album on Kleine Untergound Schallplatten (vinyl) and Subjangle (CD) on October 14th, 2022.

The First single from the album is “Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow”, a love letter to alienation. A trapped narrator finds solace in knowing that anonymity makes space possible.

“Haunting Her” explores the tension when trying to support a friend, even as they make damaging decisions.

“I Can’t Keep You Safe” is an eerie jangler that addresses major pandemic fear – that protecting loved ones was not possible.

Previously Cozy Slippers released the 7″ “A Million Pieces” (Kleine Underground Schallplatten 2019), and two EPs: ‘Postcards’ (Jigsaw Record 2018) and ‘Late Night In Summertime’ (self-released 2017).

In 2019, the band toured the UK, including an appearance at the Cambridge Indiepop All-dayer.

The band largely recorded the album themselves, and it was mixed by Dylan Wall (Versing, Great Grandpa, and High Sunn) and mastered by Paul Gold (The Chills, Allah-lahs).

“Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow” is the first single from Cozy Slippers’ self-titled debut album. It examines the bright side of alienation. If nobody really knows who you are, it can be easy to escape. Musically, the song’s intro nods to 80s bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen. By the time the chorus arrives, there is a thick layer of sunny vocals that lifts the anxious narrator away from her concerns and tough situation. In fact, the lead vocals leave before the song is even done. Like helpful co-conspirators, the background vocals remain as if to say, “nothing is missing here.”

The video for the song was directed by Marcy Stone-Francois, who has previously made videos with artists such as Tacocat, Lisa Prank, Knife Knights, and Wimps. It expands on the song’s theme of alienation and tells the tale of a polar bear who finds himself lost on a Florida beach. To escape unwelcoming locals, he befriends an ice cream truck driver. Together they escape an overzealous police officer and begin the journey back to the arctic. While the video is fun and whimsical, it also shows the poor welcome that awaits many new arrivals and the power that acts of individual kindness can have.