daddi ru has released their new video for the track titled ‘My Parasite’ featuring Grandmaster Caz. daddi ru is an artist that can perfectly encapsulate the mood, feeling, and anthologize exactly what they are expressing. With that said, there is a style surrounding ‘My Parasite’, both visually and sonically, with every frame and note presented.

Part soul-ish pop. Part hip hop. All original. daddi ru is an artist that, it is safe to say, we will be talking about a lot more in 2023. They are that good.

About daddi ru

Empowering artist and filmmaker daddi ru (they/them), is an on-the-rise queer indie-pop artist based in Brooklyn, New York. They started creating music as a child with their dad playing singing games in the car. As a teenager, they started improvisational singing at any chance they could get at random in NYC, whether it be people playing the guitar in the park or in front of a cafe, they’d jump in singing. daddi ru, known formally as Daryen Ru, now creates their own music to spark raw and honest conversations through their lyrics. They get music inspiration from older beats like 80’s rock and motown, and have a similar sound to modern influences like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus.

They are always striving to be pushed to elevate their artistry. The unique, non-binary artist will release their first single, “My Parasite,” featuring Grandmaster Caz in August. The single dives deep into daddi ru’s relatable thoughts of wanting to escape a toxic relationship, and their work focuses on topics like the mind, body, and world as a whole. This single will be the debut single off their eventual EP, which is to be released later this year.

Daryen Ru’s film work has been touted by Dazed Magazine, GLAAD and Beauti Magazine. Their recent work DENIM, about transgender rights, starring Jazz Jennings, was award-nominated and featured in film festivals worldwide. Ru is a model with WeSpeak Model Management, and has shot campaigns with Adidas, Kat Von D Makeup, T-Mobile and more.