Ben Pagano is a pianist/keyboardist, singer/songwriter, and actor based in New York City. He studied method acting at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute starting in 2006 and since has performed in numerous OOff-Broadway plays. He recently was seen as ‘The Monster’ in the critically acclaimed immersive play, ‘Houseworld’.

It was around 2010 when he started playing his own original music out in the Lower East Side’s Antifolk scene at the Sidewalk Cafe. Since then he has been writing songs and gigging non-stop. He released his first album titled “Robot Jazz’ in 2014. Ben Pagano and his band, “The Space Machine” have just released their second album “Forms” named for its conceptual focus on the spectrum of human emotion and forms of being. The album is extensive in its genre coverage and displays an impressive blend of jazz, pop, funk, folk, soul and psychedelic rock whilst maintaining a cohesiveness that defines Ben Pagano & The Space Machine.

In late 2017 Pagano released a new single ‘Members Only’, which Impose Magazine deemed ‘this generation’s lost gem’. It’s the first single from their third album currently in the works.

Vocals, Piano, and Keyboards- Ben Pagano
Bass – Michael Benham
Guitar – Tom McCaffrey
Drums – Ethan Meyer

Recordings produced by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn New York. Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering. Additional Tracks Produced and Mastered by Brian Speaker at SpeakerSonic Studios in Queens.

SOURCE: Official Bio

“ ‘Members Only’ is this generations lost gem and we bet you’re glad you stumbled upon it. The playfulness and room for experimenting in Ben’s voice is a true raw talent indeed. ”
– Impose Magazine

“Singer-songwriter Ben Pagano’s soulful, funky, and downright beautifully bonkers compositions will hit you like a ton of rainbow-colored bricks when you first hear them, to say nothing of that voice.”
– Tiny Mix Tapes

“His solo compositions have a classic-rock vibe, propelled by a powerful tenor and fun, ironic lyrics.”
– The New Yorker

” ‘Members Only’ — details the current political situation in the U.S., with lyrics and music penned by Pagano. While the bass-heavy song sounds like a moody cruncher on paper, in reality, it talks about how everything bringing down the world today will become long forgotten in the near future.”
– The Deli Magazine NYC

“Explore the full breadth of genre, artistry and human emotion on Forms, the new LP from Ben Pagano & The Space Machine. Throughout the record Ben Pagano & The Space machine flirt with anything from jazz to showtunes, classic to DIY rock, psychedelic fuzz to art pop. Their willingness to break moulds and the confidence with which they do so is admirable.”
– Happy Mag

“..easy and free with a touch of soul and back-end funk that seems familiar, but with a fresh new-edge vibe. The lyrics are sung with a “don’t give a damn” attitude, but also with a pointed conviction”
– Pancakes and Whiskey
“the new song is heavy on the bass, bellowing a melody itself while Pagano slowly dives into the song’s vocal melodies, letting the guitars find their space behind. The steady rhythmic foundation is simplistic in the beat, but utilizes intricate patterns to give the song a dynamic punch. ”
– New Noise Magazine

“Pagano’s soaring vocals and tender lyrics complete a very satisfying listening experience.”
– Impose Magazine

“..tight grooves and riveting swells with that beautifully washed out aesthetic reminiscent of the great indie-rock groups of the late 80s/early 90s.”
– Speak Into My Good Eye

“Somewhere between indie rock, punk and pop influences, Ben Pagano creates a song that is both calm and energetically charged while being deliberate and furious. A strong commentary on the political situation in the USA.”
– Tonspion

” …laps with sparkles of piano and aching vocals over a band that rises and falls with each platform that zips by.”
– New Moons