Danny Brown has kept fans on their toes since the surprise release of his critically acclaimed third studio album, Atrocity Exhibition. Today he shares the wildly disturbing and uncomfortably funny video for “Ain’t It Funny”. In collaboration with the video’s director, Jonah Hill, Danny re-imagines his life as an 80s sitcom episode but with a morbid twist. The video features legendary writer / director Gus Van Sant as the “dad”, “Growing Pains” ultimate TV-mom Joanna Kerns as the “mom”, artist, actress and Instagram-celebrity Lauren Alice Avery as the “sister”, the requisite cute kid as the “brother” and rap’s most ballistic antihero, Danny Brown as “Uncle Danny”

“Ain’t It Funny” has become the viral highlight of Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition, heralded unanimously as one of the best releases of 2016 by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Complex,NPR, Stereogum, XXL, USA Today, and Metacritic’s top rated rap album of the year. In a strict Limited Edition for Record Store Day, it comes to picture disc with artwork by Brain Dead, backed with acapella and instrumental versions, plus “Worth It” the track with Clams Casino originally released for Adult Swim’s Singles and now on vinyl for the first time.

Danny Brown will make live appearances at upcoming fests including Boston Calling, Movement, Governor’s Ball and more dates to be announced. Check back at xdannyxbrownx.com for updates and more “Ain’t It Funny” news coming soon!

10WAP399 Tracklist:

  • A1 Ain’t It Funny
  • A2 Ain’t It Funny (Acapella)
  • AA1 Worth It – Danny Brown + Clams Casino
  • AA2 Ain’t It Funny (Instrumental)

“Danny Brown is making great music.”

“‘Atrocity Exhibition’ plays like a manic, mood-swinging, bullet-sweating nightmare… The fourth album from Detroit’s Danny Brown is the year’s most thrilling cry for help.”

“‘Atrocity Exhibition’ is a churning, challenging, oftentimes brilliant album… This record wasn’t made to please anyone but the artist.”

“The tradition of art-weirdoes who arrive in the pop landscape and leave some permanent, paradigm-shifting mark: That does feel like more of a home for Danny Brown than any specific sub-genre or scene he could have been slotted into over the last several years.”

“This is dark, bold, challenging stuff, and excellent use of just about as high a profile as an outré rapper can have.”