1. Fitzroy Baby Darcy Doe 2:54

Darcy Doe’s (Yugambeh/ Gold Coast) lush dream pop sounds have shone in her magnetic new track ‘Fitzroy Baby’As an ode to nights spent with best friends, Darcy Doe is fittingly pairing the track with an absolutely charming music video.

‘Fitzroy Baby’, just the second release from Darcy Doe, has her forefronting her delicately written love letter to her friends, backed by the enchanting and sophisticated synth-pop soundscape. The track has already seen support from the likes of Triple J Unearthed, AAA Backstage, Scenestr, Aus Music Scene and radios including SYN, RTR FM, 4ZZZ, 3JOY and more.

Reigning in help from friend, director and musician Alisha Todd (GENIIE BOY), Darcy Doe is keeping that childish spark inside burning bright in this accompanying music video. Darcy Doe’s dolls come to life and together they have the best day ever. They lounge around at a tea party, finish off their chores, have a paddle in the pool, and then dance the night away.

The childlike charm and Darcy Doe’s playful nature are a perfect fit for this love letter, celebrating that special level of intimacy held in close friendships.

SOURCE: Official Bio