Berlin’s British/Danish post-punk trio Dark Patterns emerge from the periphery again with “The Screws”, a winding spiritual journey through an ethereal dreamy expanse. The long-lost anthem blends haunting vocal harmonies and ghostly Eastern guitar licks with a slow pitch-shifted dub bass wobble, before switching into an epically rousing Chameleons-esque build-up and crescendo. Years in the making, forgotten and reworked, the song has finally been laid down as the seventh single in the series.

Berlin’s Dark Patterns are an experimental post-punk/electronica trio, sporadically self-producing genre-fluid singles under their Wrongfoot Records imprint.

In 2012, Matthew Potter (vocals, bass, ukulele) and Jonas Duus (drums, synths, vocals) released a self-titled EP with London-based shoegazers Trim the Barber. After moving to Berlin in 2013, they formed Astral Tide with Kora Yeoman (guitars, vocals, synths, bass) and released the ‘How Far, Are You Out There?’ 12” EP in 2016. TBTCI Records approached the band in 2017 to record a cover of a Wire song for the album ‘Single K.O. Wire Revisited’, the outcome was a self-produced D&B rendition of “In Manchester” that served as the catalyst for the birth of Dark Patterns.

SOURCE: Official Bio