1. Be Still DAVA 6:08

As a long-life musician a singer-songwriter Václav Polanský´s (Czech Republic) passion for music has grown from playing the flute and trumpet, working as a drummer for Czech renown artists, to writing music and starting his own music projects.

On the other hand his personal life has always been full of insecurities. After many years of mental imbalance including anxieties, panic attacks and depression he finally found a relieve by stepping on his path of spiritual awakening. It naturally resulted in discovering a deeper meaning in making music and that´s why he started his Indie folk project DAVA back in 2018.

His vision is to create music with the power to help other people on their spiritual paths by sharing his own experiences through his unique tunes and authentic lyrics. To emphasize its healing effect, all his music is tuned in 432 Hz. It is certainly no accident that DAVA – in the Hindu language means “medicine”.

DAVA´s debut album “Joy Is Our Guide” was released in March 2021. It is a collection of 9 songs and each of them is inspired by Václav´s own journey towards conscious lifestyle. Václav was co-working on this album with an USA singer-songwriter and guitarist Daniel Levanti.

SOURCE: Official Bio