David Francisco is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, producer, speaker and spinal cord injury survivor. He first gained national recognition as a contestant on American Idol in 2018, going nationwide about his miraculous story on how his life and music was put on hold in 2016. David was involved in a serious biking accident that left him paralysed from the waist down, and through surgery and pure determination and grit, he found a way back from what seemed like a perilous pit.

The Knoxville, Tennessee born artist used this experience as motivation to love each day that comes, and he channelled all of this energy into his music to not only inspire himself, but millions of others too. This started with his debut album ‘Lionheart’ released back in 2020, a culmination of Francisco’s extraordinary journey so far, and he is now taking full reigns in production, ahead of his groundbreaking EP ‘Hypothetical Heartbreak’ in 2023.

Lead single ‘If You Should Fall In Love’ immediately enchants the listener. David possesses an undeniable charm, charisma and that raw and pure songwriting brilliance from the first second, that’s delicately and beautifully poised. He makes it sound so easy and effortless with a vocal that stands among the best in the pop-infused world, in a song that leans into the indie pop songwriter genre for fans of Phoebe Bridgers and JP Saxe.

Focusing on the narrative of love from his own perspective, David writes songs in such a beautiful and endearing way, from how he didn’t think he would find anyone who would learn to love him for who he now is, to depicting a notion of being that shy boy in school who couldn’t quite grab the aspect of it, which is exactly what ‘If You Should Fall In Love’ exuberates.

With other appearances on The Ellen Show, it’s clear that David has exceeded all expectations of him and then some. He has since gone onto produce for bigger artists such as Maddie Zahm and Sophia James, amassing over 80 million streams to date.

‘If You Should Fall In Love’ is a soulful and joyous way of creating music that resonates and mesmerises. It also shows the vulnerability still inside of David, in what is an extremely powerful acoustic pop ballad that will be sure to inspire many with his story to keep going no matter what, with even the biggest hardships that you can face.

David Francisco has made heavier climbs than most, and his music speaks volumes. ‘Hypothetical Heartbreak’ includes previous singles ‘Earhart’, ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Rewind’, all of which add to this spectacular modern pop body of work that David has formed together over the past 12 months. Through all of his experiences, his music is now able to shine through and become something truly immersive and relatable to others, making him an artist to watch this year and beyond.