David Guetta joins Generation Now (GenNow Fest), the first major festival to celebrate, empower, and inspire the youth of Central America to champion positive change in their communities. Glasswing International has partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Istmo Music, MTV Agentes de Cambio, and Global Citizen Festival executive producers Riot House to organize GenNow Fest, a two-day, socially focused festival that will take place on November 11 and 12 at the historic Estadio Cuscatlán in San Salvador, El Salvador. Guetta will be joined by Chino y Nacho and NERVO.

“I am thrilled to be participating in Generation Now Festival, my only performance in Central America this year. I truly believe that this is a generation of change, a generation that will inspire, the generation that will fulfill the potential of these beautiful countries. Music has the power to unite. Let’s all unite on the dancefloor,” said David Guetta, globally recognized DJ/Producer.

GenNow Fest will celebrate local heroes and mobilize youth to generate positive attention to the region as well as promote youth engagement and intercultural understanding. The event’s objective is to incentivize youth to take an active role as agents of change in their society and to encourage them to do it now. In the spirit of the festival, MTV Latin America will be presenting one of the artists with the prestigious MTV Chiuku Award, which recognizes celebrities who positively use their influence to contribute and develop special projects helping improve their communities as “Agents of Change.”

“It’s an honor and joy to count on artists like David Guetta, Chino y Nacho, NERVO, and others to inspire and benefit Central American youth. We are convinced that with this event and their performances, we will generate greater educational and development opportunities for the communities in which we work,” said Celina de Sola, co-founder and vice president of programs at Glasswing International. “All proceeds of GenNow Fest will go to youth programs in public schools in Central America through Glasswing International.”

Other personalities participating in GenNow Fest include motivational speaker Maickel Melamed; Fabian Debora from Homeboy Industries; MTV VJ Pamela Voguel; pro skateboarders Chico Brenes and Monica Torres; rappers Snif and MC KO CO; break dancers Stimpy, Snapshot and Wandeepop, and Kid Glyde; DJs Loup Rouge, Lebangy, B-One, and Mussa; Salvadoran graffiti artists Eddi E.S. Crew and Skar; and various Central American celebrities as masters of ceremonies.

Approximately 30,000 Central American youth are expected to attend the event which will include:

  • A youth forum featuring global speakers who will focus on motivating, inspiring, and empowering youth;
  • An expo center where international organizations, NGOs, and businesses will share information on community projects, volunteer opportunities, and corporate social responsibility programs;
  • Social dialogue roundtables to discuss topics relevant to youth in the region;
  • Performances from recognized national and international artists;
  • An arts and culture center, skate park, sports and recreation arena, tech village, and more.

Two weeks prior to GenNow Fest, Glasswing International will simultaneously execute the “Manos a la Obra Now” social project in all Central American capitals, where thousands of volunteers will be mobilized to transform parks, schools, and other public spaces in major cities. After the festival, youth will still have an opportunity to take an active role in their communities by presenting a proposal for a social project and competing to win a grant to receive financial support to execute it in their community.
For more information, please visit: gennowfest.org.