De La Soul, the legendary hip-hop group renowned for their groundbreaking sound and timeless influence on the genre, announces the release of a commemorative 35th anniversary edition of their seminal album, 3 Feet High and Rising, with a special digital release available today, March 1, across all major platforms.

The celebratory release not only features the original tracks that captivated audiences over three decades ago, but also includes a selection of bonus tracks guaranteed to enchant both longtime devotees and newcomers alike. Among these bonuses is “Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes),” which was released on February 21 and accompanied by a lyric video. Additionally, fans can anticipate tracks such as “Ain’t Hip To Be Labelled a Hippie,” “What’s More,” the beloved “Jenifa Taught Me (12” Version),” and two original demos direct from DJ Maseo’s basement: “Plug Tunin’ (Home Demo)” and “Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes) (Home Demo)”. All tracks have been meticulously remastered in Stereo and Atmos. The commemorative edition also notably follows the celebratory release of the band’s six back catalog albums on all streaming services just one year prior.

De La Soul’s impact on the hip-hop landscape is immeasurable, with 3 Feet High and Rising widely regarded as one of the most influential albums of its era. Pioneering inventive sampling, playful lyrics, and eclectic beats, the album broke new ground and set a standard for creativity in the genre. Recognizing its cultural significance, the album was inducted into the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress. The trio’s dedication to pushing boundaries and their mastery in crafting complete works of art have reshaped hip-hop and left an indelible mark on music history.

In acknowledgment of these contributions, YouTube selected De La Soul as part of their FIFTY DEEP Music Class of 2024, a program aimed at championing and supporting Black artists, songwriters, and producers in the hip-hop sphere.

De La Soul hosted a Talk Shop Live chat, which featured the band livestreaming and engaging with fans, as well as offering signed album inserts. This March 3, the official anniversary of the original 1989 release date of 3 Feet High and Rising, “De La Day” will be celebrated with an in-store signing at Rough Trade Records in New York City. Fans can also interact with a 3 Feet High and Rising social media filter celebrating the anniversary here. Furthermore, a new merchandise collaboration with Bravado, featuring exclusive commemorative items are available now HERE.

Continuing to underscore their enduring influence, De La Soul will appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airing March 7. Viewers are encouraged to check local listings for broadcast details and tune in to witness the iconic trio in action. As De La Soul continues performing and creating new music, they remain committed to elevating their legacy through live shows, new releases, and collaborations that uplift and empower the hip-hop community. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and spreading positivity serves as a testament to their enduring impact on the world of music.

About De La Soul De La Soul is a New York-based trio comprised of Posdnuos, Trugoy, and Maseo, who created the hip-hop masterpiece 3 Feet High and Rising, initially released on March 3, 1989. Renowned for their eclectic and innovative sampling, quirky lyrics, and contributions to jazz rap and alternative hip-hop subgenres, the group garnered acclaim, including a Grammy win for Best Pop Vocal Collaboration for their song “Feel Good Inc.” with The Gorillaz in 2005. In 2015, De La Soul raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter to independently release their album “And the Anonymous Nobody…,” which topped the Rap Albums chart and earned a nomination for Best Rap Album at the Grammy Awards.