deegie has today released her new single titled ‘Scraps (Cleland)’ from her upcoming EP ‘EXES’. The learned lessons of songwriting are all there, but the creative twist is the instrumentation and the sound production. That is what makes this a lush and vivid song to listen to. It’s beautiful while remaining accessable.

While the song builds to the chorus in a subtle way, this is an out of the box song in that this is not how a typical songwriter would execute this song in the studio. To be honest, I get so many submissions in a single day that I become jaded to music in general. This was a pleasant surprise. It takes an already great song and makes it absolutely original.

About deegie & ‘Scraps (Cleland)’

deegie’s emotional directness and empowering energy have inspired questions like, “What makes you so angry?” There’s something about a woman being raw, bold, and fierce that makes people uncomfortable, and deegie’s mission is to shine a klieg light on that truth. With the sound of Olivia Rodrigo’s older sister (or Avril Lavigne’s younger one), deegie is a pop-punk princess who loves an anthemic melody and a gut-punching lyric.

“Scraps (Cleland)” is the first song from an EP about her ex-boyfriends titled EXES. The idea for the EP was sparked when she stumbled upon her online journals spanning nearly a decade, which included details about casual and serious relationships that were too good not to indulge in. It’s an exploration of memory, accountability, and the perspective bestowed by time and, in a particularly bold move, each song on the EP will include the name of the boyfriend it’s about in the song’s title.

“Scraps (Cleland)” revisits a situationship that found deegie longing for more devotion and commitment than she was actually willing to ask Cleland for at the time. The song is what she wishes she would have said when she found out she wasn’t his only summer fling and they finally stopped hooking up.