Veteran Concert Promoter, Denis Benoit, announced the launch of a new Artist Management Company, Benoit Music Group. The company offers Artist Management services for both emerging and established recording artists across all musical genres.

“The music industry has overcomplicated itself,” said Denis Benoit, President, Benoit Music Group. “Now more than ever, and with an abundance of online do-it-yourself resources available to anyone wanting to launch their own career in music, the most basic and fundamental principles required to build and maintain a powerful brand in music have been forgotten.

“For an artist to be successful in this industry, which I consider nowadays to be an extremely cluttered online environment, an emotional connection between the artist and fan needs to be established; something a computer program or website cannot do. We’re taking a nostalgic approach to artist management, coupled with a unique mix of current and traditional marketing methods. Our strategy is simple, unique and will achieve astounding results for our Artists,” said Benoit.

The company, based out of Toronto, ON Canada, also offers a variety of other development services geared towards artist management companies, record labels and concert promoters to help develop and enhance existing music related brands.

Artists interested in submitting materiel for management consideration can do so by visiting