Men With Ven are no strangers to controversy. After crashing the ‘SPY’ premiere in order to serenade Jason Statham with their beautiful ode of the same name, Men With Ven have returned with an in depth medical tutorial detailing the precise course of action that should be undertaken if one has a suspicion relating to prostate cancer.

“Check Your Prostate” was conceived at The Spotted Dog in Barking. Under the roof of this fine establishment Men With Ven decided they needed to raise awareness for prostate cancer and felt that the best way to spread the message was through the medium of song. Described as the voice of geezers and white van men everywhere, the band knew it was important to be able to appeal to this enigmatic bunch and assure them that a routine investigative biological probe was necessary to ensure long life and sustained pleasurable experiences.

David Barratt explains the mindset behind the track

“Of course the way to check for an enlarged prostate is pretty humorous in a smutty, childish way so obviously that appeals to us. Some may think that it is totally inappropriate to have a laugh and a joke about something so serious, but we think that even if one life is saved by this song it would be worth it”.

Three men who are fascinated about the well being of gruff, working class men’s intimate affairs is strangely endearing. They manage to shamelessly combine an educational video with sardonic humour to create something truly weird and wonderful.

If Kraftwerk and Peter and Test Tube Babies went to The Deptford Arms together, decided there was some sort of mutual affection between them, had an orgy and recorded the whole affair with an 8-track recorder and an 80s drum machine you’d have the condensed sound of Men With Ven. With hilarious lyrics and informative music videos it is evident the group have the “full package.”

Check out the video here and remember to wash your hands!

July 4: Hutstock, Whitstable