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Raised in the desert of Arizona, Devora draws inspiration from her roots, growing up around desert creatures in a western town, experiencing the sinister lawless side of desert life, and the characters she’s met along the way. In her modern goth-western vignettes she conjures images of ghost towns, dark rodeos, the haunted desert, abandoned motel rooms, skylines on fire, the open road and reckless tales of love and loss in a modern wild west. These influences have made her into a desperado of modern culture. Her sound bridges Alt.Country melodies with dark pop hooks drawing you in to her surrealist western world. With the release of her new EP ‘God Is Dead’, she continues her journey through the side roads and back alleys of modern American life.

Coining her own genre, “Outlaw Pop,” she weaves visual soundscapes from a moody surrealist wild-west dream world. Tales of eerie backroad encounters, Route 66, neon-laden casinos, Silver City sunsets and midnight bandits are all intricately enmeshed with strong visceral imagery and cinematic scenes straight out of the ‘dark side’ of the American southwest. Owning the road as her home, Devora’s fierce femme fatale spirit trail-blazes the way for a new frontier in contemporary culture.

Devora is not just music, but also an ethos of the Wild West re-imagined for our current chaotic times. It’s not just her story – it’s all of our stories: To choose and be immersed in your own adventure; to harness your own inner outlaw. Her music celebrates life in the fast lane while marking the beginnings of a wild expedition ahead and the spiritedness of riding off into a pitch-black sunset.

Devora’s debut EP, ‘Outlaw’, celebrated life in the fast lane, offering an inner glimpse into a mad world of exile and rebellion, love and lawlessness. It was her first installment of a fierce collective of stories and art that illustrate a perfect portrait of her dark wild west. The EP saw support at radio, peaking top five on the SubModern Commercial Specialty Charts, and press write-ups at places like AltPress, INKED, and Earmilk. Devora has garnered more than 3 million audio streams to date.

She has been honing her live show chops with solo dates in the Southern California area. Devora has also been direct support on a sold-out series of dates with The Warning in the spring of 2022 – playing in Minneapolis, Chicago, San Diego, and more.

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