Shortly after having their single premiered on New Noise Magazine, southern Minnesota deathcore outfit Discord Curse has posted the first episode of DCTV. The vlog, which can be viewed HERE, features footage of the band practicing, some live footage from a recent show, general band hijinks, and a short clip of the song “#Bandwhore” off the band’s forthcoming self-produced Burnt Offerings EP. Vocalist Antonio Jandro had this to say on the EP, “It was really written to have every song be different than the last and really bring you on a journey of crazy music. If you listen to the EP in its entirety it flows together but each song is a completely different style.” The EP will be released September 29th and features guest vocals from Johnny McBee of The Browning. Discord Curse will then go back to writing for their full length that they plan to record by the end of the year.

About Discord Curse:
Southern Minnesota deathcore outfit Discord Curse was birthed in late June of 2014 to spread their vicious attack. This attack, while rooted in death metal, features influences from metalcore, slam death metal, and hardcore among others. Featuring demonic growls, technical riffs, and mosh pit-inducing drumming, the band’s debut EP, entitled Burnt Offerings, was recorded shortly after the band formed. Vocalist Antonio Jandro and guitarist Derek Petrika self-produced the EP in their own professional recording studio. With an EP in hand and already lining up shows with power hitters in the form of Suffokate, Mouth of the South, Adaliah, and Years Since The Storm, Discord Curse is set to break out in the latter part of 2014 while working on their debut full length.