Matilda Lindell is a beautiful rare talent that defines her own arena in the music world. Her distinctive style is utterly unique, fusing organic sounds and distinctive styles that remind us of the ambiance of classy pop rock, Swedish styled and the English invasion topped with a speck of country influence; providing a beautiful landscape within each song.

Initially known for her work with some of Sweden’s hit maker’s: Lena Philipsson, Orup, Sarah Dawn Finer and other’s with her backing vocals and studio support.

From Stockholm, Sweden…Matilda sits in her sanctuary continually developing and strengthening her craft, polishing and perfecting her songwriting and vocal talents. Like diamonds in the raw, each song is cultivated and cherished so that her audiences around the world appreciate the moments from within each story. Her style captures both her native culture and the essence of the global hybrid that transcends the listener to embrace the love for her music.

Currently Matilda continues to tour as one of the two principle singers with “ABBA The Concert Tribute” that has been wildly successful around the world and especially in the U.S.

Artiste consultant Myron Bernard, who has managed legendary session and touring artist’s Nathan Watts (MD, bassist for Stevie Wonder), Rayford Griffin, Lynne Fiddmont and Terry Wollman said:

“Matilda has a story to tell and it shines forth from her songwriting to her vocal styling. Her songs reflect like mirrors of our lives”

Close your eyes…Breathe…take a listen, for yourself to…

Discover Matilda Lindell.

“Revive Me” “When love makes you unhappy and you don’t know why you’re still there fighting for It.” -ML

“Revive Me” is availiable from iTunes and shareable via Spotify!
Matilda’s official debut single “Never Leave” to be release, June 2015


Photo:Tove Gustafsson